Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dunwoody Branding is about to tie in Sister organizations.

City in conjunction with its partners issue an RFP on branding.


Under the contract, awarded through this RFP, the City seeks to develop a unifying brand for Dunwoody. The City of Dunwoody is engaging in a unique and creative collaboration with several non-profit organizations in Dunwoody, which represent property owners, businesses and area tourism. The City and its partners seek to cross-functionally market Dunwoody to drive business, relocation, tourism, and general perception, with consistent branding, while recognizing the individuality of each organization.

The partners, with the exception of the Perimeter Community Improvement District (PCIDs), were established within the last 12-18 months and lack an existing brand identity. This creates a unique opportunity to “start fresh” in establishing brand identities for each of the partners. However, all parties are in agreement that a unified brand strategy on top of individual brands catered to the partner’s unique missions is critical to our long term success.
The collaboration includes:

• City of Dunwoody (
• Convention and Visitors Bureau of Dunwoody (CVBD) (
• Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (
• Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce (

The scope of services will include a two phase approach. Phase 1 will be the development of the unified brand and associated deliverables (all partners will participate in this process). Phase 2 will be the development of brand identity and deliverables for the City, the CVBD and the Chamber of Commerce. This work will be done as part of this RFP, but the individual partners will direct the work. In summary, all of the partners will be participating in the creation of the unified brand strategy and development of a unified marketing identification and associated deliverables. However, this RFP also includes the creation of unique marketing deliverables (logo, tag line, letterhead, signage, web site design, etc…) for the City of Dunwoody, the CVBD and the Chamber of Commerce.


Bob said...

Once again the City apprears to be undertaking a project without any Citizens input.
PCID , the Chamber Visitors and Convention Bureau and the City of Dunwoody but no mention of the residents of the the City.
With a City with the rich participation by all kinds of volunteer groups and neighborhood swimm clubs and Associations, should there not be a seat at the table for them too?

Bob Lundsten

Bob Fiscella said...

Bob - you raise a great point. It would be nice to have the taxpaying citizens as part of the process.

Bob said...

Roll Tide Roll