Friday, January 15, 2010

Dunwoody Sustainability Commission, Year in Review

Dunwoody Sustainability Commission, Year in Review documents 105 of the 175 points needed for the ARC Green Communities Designation.

Dunwoody Sustainability Commission 2010 Annual Report

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John Heneghan said...

This evening Pattie Baker was unable to attend the City Council meeting to report on the successes of Sustainability Commission in year one, but wanted to make a statement to the Council that the choices ahead will not be easy therefore she sent it via e-mail.

Councilman Ross suggested that it be placed into the record therefore the Mayor asked him to read it.

Since I am not sure of the quality of the audio on my web broadcast, I will publish the statement below.

To Members of City Council, and Mayor:

Thank you
Thank you for having the foresight to establish the Sustainability Commission citizen advisory group at the very start of our City’s operations. This has given us the distinct advantage of being able to include sustainability considerations in policies right at the point of their formation. Additionally, thank you for entrusting me with leadership of the Sustainability Commission. It continues to be a gratifying experience for me and a positive way for me to share my passion with our new city. It has also brought together an exemplary group of people who are working hard to make a measurable difference.

With your support and City Staff’s highly dedicated assistance, we have made significant progress on the ARC Green Community checklist in 2009. However, I am increasingly convinced that the points are not the point. The points are simply a roadmap. But to what? A carefully chosen sustainability goal, where our specific city’s characteristics would enable us to be the “best,” the most,” or “the first” at something, could provide additional meaning and justification for our journey, especially when the decisions to be made are hard or unpopular (as they are bound to be, at some points, in 2010). Additionally, a clear vision could enable us to take a regional and national leadership position in sustainability.

What I Ask You to Consider
The potential for enormous accomplishment in becoming a more sustainable city in 2010 is great. The possibility of simply achieving parity with the thousands of other cities “going green,” however, is just as great. I ask you to embrace a clear vision to lead Dunwoody to national prominence in sustainability, and to use the ARC Green Community checklist (specifically the innovation points) as a roadmap to this bigger goal. Additionally, I encourage you to ask yourself, with every vote you cast, “Am I helping the City of Dunwoody, and its residents, institutions and businesses, to be more sustainable with my vote?” Honestly, when it all comes down it, that’s the moment of truth as to how far we will be able to go in our pursuit of becoming a truly sustainable city.

With great respect for all you do to make the City of Dunwoody a better place,

Pattie Baker
Chairperson of the City of Dunwoody Sustainability Commission