Saturday, January 9, 2010

Georgetown & Dunwoody Village Master Planning bid packets are on the street.

Here is the Dunwoody Village bid packet

Here is the Georgetown / Shallowford bid packet

Below is the description of the Georgetown plan.

The Master Plan will provide ambitious development strategies drawing upon the area’s tremendous potential. Strengthening the City’s economic vitality and identity, the Georgetown/North Shallowford Master Plan will provide transit-oriented design options; transportation infrastructure investments; vertical mixed-use development; encouragement of the lifelong communities concept; market feasibility analysis; build cohesiveness between current and planned assets; attracts new businesses-retailers, and restaurants; and grows the tax base.
Key components and objectives to be achieved by the Master Plan include but are not limited to:

    1. 1.2.1 Fulfill all requirements from the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program in order to allow the city to compete for regional LCI implementation funds in subsequent years.
    2. 1.2.2 Creation of a twenty-year blueprint to provide action-oriented strategies to provide the necessary connections that will move the Georgetown/North Shallowford revitalization forward in an innovative and cohesive way.
    3. 1.2.3 Continue the participatory process realized during the development of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Efforts should focus on creating stakeholder- and community-defined vision for the Georgetown/North Shallowford area. Stakeholder involvement should include, but not be limited to, design charrettes, community meetings, and public hearings.
    4. 1.2.4 Consideration of new zoning districts and ordinance language that would promote transit-oriented, mixed-use, and lifelong community scenarios.
    5. 1.2.5 Establishing transitional zoning abutting existing residential districts to protect these established communities from future development impacts.
    6. 1.2. Develop bicycle and pedestrian trail alignments that interconnect existing/planned commercial centers, extend towards Perimeter Center area, and provide a travel mode alternative from single occupancy vehicles.
    7. 1.2.7 Establish a system of greenspace areas that may include pocket parks, linear parks, village green, and/or community center locations.
    8. 1.2.8 Consider multigenerational housing options for all age groups of Dunwoody citizens within the Georgetown/North Shallowford area proximity.
    9. 1.2.9 Develop traffic calming techniques that may include on-road transportation facilities, roadway cross-sectional improvements, and landscaping enhancements.
    10. 1.2.10 Explore bus or rubber tire trolley cars for integration into the Georgetown/North Shallowford area that would serve existing transit systems and regional office/retail uses.
    11. 1.2.11 Incorporate ITS improvements within the Georgetown/North Shallowford area.
    12. 1.2.12 Address existing/future market conditions in an effort to develop land use proposals with the Georgetown/North Shallowford that complement the Perimeter Center uses and do not compete for a similar market share.
    13. 1.2.13 Create a redevelopment plan that can serve as a stand-alone "road map" to the Georgetown/North Shallowford area revitalization. The redevelopment plan will provide prioritized, action-oriented strategies that establish the roles and responsibilities of all participants in plan implementation.
    14. 1.2.14 The Master Revitalization Plan will develop a funding strategy that recommends the type and structure of existing and future financing tools as well as development incentives.
    15. 1.2.15 Conduct a market analysis (to include competitive activity centers within a reasonable radius of the area) to assist in identifying the most appropriate size and mix of land uses and potential commercial businesses within the future Georgetown/North Shallowford area. This analysis should include, but not be limited to characterization of trends and conditions in the Dunwoody area, identification of potential target market audiences, evaluation of different land uses, demand analysis to estimate potential for each identified land use and potential commercial businesses, with detailed recommendations.


Bob said...

May have been a better idea to wait till the CLUP was completed before this process. Lets get all the citizen input BEFORE we hire people to make suggestions.

Bob Lundsten
Planning Commissioner

Robert Wittenstein said...

Bob & all,
We will not start the master planning process until the Comprehensive Land Use plan process if complete and has been adopted by the city council.
Robert Wittenstein