Friday, January 22, 2010

Georgia Perimeter College to present expansion plans to the Dunwoody City Council on Monday

Monday, January 25th
Dunwoody City Hall
Dunwoody, GA 30346
7:00 p.m. - Watch Live

This Monday, Dr. Anthony Tricoli, President of Georgia Perimeter College will make a presentation to the Dunwoody Community regarding the proposed expansion plans of the GPC Dunwoody Campus and from the agenda it appears that he will be listening to statements from the public.

Myself and the other members of the Council have already met with Dr. Tricoli to discuss options to improve the traffic situation and it appears that due to the financial constraints of the State that the expansion plans will not be going forward in this budget year but the college hopes that the construction request will be approved in the near future.   When it came to options available to improve current traffic flow, every topic imaginable was discussed including the feasibility of a dedicated GPC shuttle bus to the Dunwoody or Sandy Springs Marta Station to serve the students on that line where there is no current bus service, improved bicycle access (I only saw two bike racks on the entire campus that I toured today), limited parking passes encouraging car pools, shuttle buses from remote lots and many, many other ideas.

The meeting on Monday starts at 7 pm with a swearing in of a new Dunwoody Police Officer and then as with all city council meetings there are 30 minutes of public comment available at the beginning of every meeting for up to 10 individuals to speak on any subject, for three minutes. The meeting has the consent agenda whereby we approve items that need no further discussion (because we already hashed out the issues at the work session) followed by the GPC presentation, probably being made around 7:40 or earlier depending on how long the initial public comment session goes. In case you are unable to attend the City Council meeting but are still interested in knowing what is going on, the live streaming video will be available here. I expect members of the community wishing to speak to be granted three minutes each after Dr. Tricoli's presentation but I don't know how long that will be allowed to go on, so please sign one the public comment cards available at the back of the room when you arrive and hand it in to one of the front tables.

Mayor Wright and the entire Dunwoody City Council are dedicated to doing everything within our power to find solutions to mitigate the current college traffic congestion and we look forward to hearing what Dr. Tricoli has to say about the future of Georgia Perimeter College and in particular the future of the Dunwoody Campus.  We also look forward to hearing first hand from many of you on the issues related to traffic around the college and how it affects your life.

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Dunwoody Mom said...

If there is no budget for the expansion plans for this year, what was the hurry in demolishing the old DeKalb High School of Technology building? Is GPC going to use this as a parking lot until the money is there for the expansion program?