Monday, January 11, 2010

PDK flight paths changing? Get ready for the noise - meeting tonight.

Noise Complaints - Call 770 936-5442

I was informed that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing changes to the airspace over Atlanta that most likely would increase low level aircraft noise over Dunwoody homes. My Dunwoody North neighborhood worked hard to convince Peachtree DeKalb Airport that the optimal flight path from the North was down Peachtree Industrial Boulevard following the CSX / MARTA rail corridor, instead of over the single family residences of Dunwoody, Doraville & Chamblee. I am told that because of this proposed modification this preferred flight path will be affected if we don't get involved quickly.

The Peachtree DeKalb Airport (PDK) advisory board is meeting tonight (Monday, January 11th) and in their December minutes, Mr. Mike Van Wie, Asst. Director at DeKalb Peachtree Airport states the following...
"I will be making a presentation at the January 11, 2010 AAB Meeting concerning the FAA's proposed modification of the Class B airspace around Hartsfield/Jackson.

This modification will decrease the margin of safety around PDK, it will hurt the efficiency of PDK, and it will significantly increase noise around PDK."

This initial informational meeting will be followed by an official FAA fact-finding meeting on March 1st at the Chamblee Civic Center to solicit information from airspace users and others regarding the proposal.  This will not be a short process but the best time to get involved is now because the FAA is taking the pulse of the public around the area before just setting up a “final rule” for consideration.

If you live anywhere near the extended flight path of PDK, I urge you to attend tonight's meeting taking place at 7:00 p.m. at DeKalb Peachtree Airport in Room 227 (2nd Floor) of the Airport Administration Building (agenda). Listen to the presentation and make a public comment as allowed at the end of the meeting.

PS: I am unable to attend tonight because I need to attend to the Dunwoody City Council meeting but if someone goes to PDK, please do me a favor. In November, Mr. Van Wie gave the advisory board an update on the Airport Master Plan. Could someone ask him to update this website, as it is a little outdated and I think the citizens should be aware what is going on at PDK.

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