Thursday, January 9, 2014

DeKalb County Proposes Residential Sanitation (Single Day Collection) Pilot Program Details for Dunwoody

A member of the DeKalb Sanitation team will be joining us at Monday’s City Council Meeting (beginning at 7 p.m., 41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 100) to give a short presentation about their plans. DeKalb is also working to schedule a public meeting (in Dunwoody) just to discuss the issue but they have not yet finalized the details.

Thoughts?  Questions for DeKalb?


John Heneghan said...

The main line of questions that I have away from the plan specifics being offered to Dunwoody citizens would be, does this "pilot" program dilute the Enterprise Fund created by Manuel Maloof that was walled off from all other activities offered by the County?

Here is an older document that shows the primary mission of that fund. Page 21 -

If the user fees dedicated to sanitation services and long term operations of land fills are now being diverted to other county related services away from the core function; it this a back door tax increase on those paying the fees for that specific service?

Is this a wise long term decision by the county? I don't believe so and am interested in the analysis of this pilot project in relation to the dilution of the Enterprise fund. Thoughts?

Mark said...

Regarding the proposal, our household will not be inconvenienced by less frequent collection. When I bought the house in 1999, I purchased one of the big rolling cans such as will be offered during the pilot. I goes to the curb once or twice per month. In warmer weather, I send it out at least twice due to smell more so than it being anywhere near full.

As for your question about the funds, it is a curiosity and I hope you'll get straight answers to share with us. It may be a poor long term decision by the county, but governments tend to kick the can down the road at times, allowing the future to look out for itself. If you're right, I hope it may be prevented.