Friday, January 17, 2014

Novo Pizza coming to Dunwoody Village (Peter's Restaurant)

The Estiva pizza from Fritti 
Riccardo Ullio of U Restaurants is bringing a new pizza concept to Dunwoody.

Novo Pizza will be located in a freestanding building within Dunwoody Hall shopping center on Chamblee Dunwoody Road.  The space is just over 2500 square feet and will reportedly have a roughly 1500 square foot dining room with additional seating on its enclosed patio with planned retractable doors.

Most recently the Novo space was Peter's of Dunwoody, but it was originally a Pizza Hut.  In between, another local restaurant, High Cotton, operated in the space and was for a time, quite popular.  Dunwoody Hall is anchored by Publix (originally A&P) and also has an inline Moe's Southwest Grill as well.
See more details at Tomorrow's News Today 


Unknown said...

Dunwoody needs a Brewpub in a big way!!

Joe Seconder said...

Who's up for getting some local investors together for Dunwoody's Next Big Eatery? Yes a brewpub / Gastropub would be great. So would a legit BBQ & Blues place, a bicycle shop (not a single one in the city limits), etc. And any new restaurant needs to have an outdoor GARDEN patio that does NOT look out on a asphalt care-filled parking lot... (tough one, right)? Send me a note if you've got some $$ and want to invest.

John Heneghan said...

Update from Tomorrows News Today.

Riccardo Ullio stated that Novo will be far more than your typical casual pizzeria. Novo will feature a number of fresh made pastas like ravioli as well as risotto and antipasto.

Novo Pizza should not be thought of a "fast casual" pizza joint.