Sunday, January 26, 2014

Demographics and Economics of Dunwoody and Metro Atlanta

Mike Alexander, AICP Research and Analytics Division Manager of the Atlanta Regional Commission gave the Dunwoody City Council an hour long presentation highlighted above focusing on the Demographics and Economics of Dunwoody and the Atlanta Metro area.

He also was proud of the GMA dashboard which highlights many aspects of City Demographics as shown in the link and photos below.

In case you are not overwhelmed with Dunwoody Demographic data the background info used in some of the main presentaion is also available here.


Sight Edman said...

The link to background info did not work for me. Is this correct:

John Heneghan said...

The links seem to be working, try going to the root folder as I leave them open.

FYI, based on your blog post, I called in today's code enforcement issue (just as I did the same on the basement apartment issue) and was reminded that we made a minor change for open signs.

"The overlay ordinance as you know, was amended during the code rewrite to allow neon and LED signage in the Village. Chapter 27-7.20F Signs, item 10 allows a single LED or neon sign up to two( 2) square feet in area."

Our code enforcement staff works very hard to gain compliance where there are issues. It would be appreciated that if you see items of concern that you please contact our Code Compliance Hotline at or 678-382-6890.


Sight Edman said...

Thanks. That works.

Some of photos in the collage show multiple signs in a single establishment. These may be non-compliant. They may also be grandfathered. Who really knows?

I understand we have a rule of law enforcement initiated by complaint and I'm not complaining about the signs per se. I'm just voicing my view that this approach to jurisprudence is suboptimal.

Thanks again for the links.