Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dunwoody Elementary School Teacher wants a child of her own and is looking to adopt. Can you help her?

Jenn & Brett Mattison

Parents, over the course of your children's education you have the pleasure of meeting some great teachers but few touch you so deeply that they become close friends.  Jenn Mattison (nee Spense) taught my son Riley in the third grade at Chesnut Elementary School and my wife Kristin was the room mom.   The two hit it off and they have kept in touch through the years.  When Jenn was about to be married to wonderful young man named Brett we held a wedding shower in our home and then attended wedding.
When Dunwoody Elementary School opened (at the time a fourth and fifth grade academy) Ms. Mattison went with her students and left Chesnut where she had been since 2003.   Let me tell you that Jenn Mattison is a phenomenal teacher both in and out of the classroom.   She took her love of skiing and opened a ski & snowboard school at DES and has hosted numerous ski trips in the last five years.  She is in charge of running the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Program at DES and teaches the Gifted Program in all five grades within the school.

Dunwoody Elementary and for that part the entire City of Dunwoody is blessed to have such a wonderful teacher taking care of our children and instilling the into their lives so much more than what ever could be read in a book.

After years of trying to conceive, Brett & Jenn have decided to adopt and have started down what could be a very long and expensive road.  They are looking to raise a child and are willing to do an open adoption or go through the expense and wait of using a service.  Either way, they could use your help.   If you know of a child that may be available for adoption, please share this link & contact information and if you would like to assist the Mattison's by defraying the costs of adoption, please visit their fundraising site

This DeKalb County school teacher deserves to someday be called Mom.

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