Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dunwoody Safe Routes to Schools sidewalk grant to be installed by State around Kingsley Elementary in coming weeks.

The City of Dunwoody is pleased to announce the start of the Kingsley Safe Routes to School Improvement Project, which began construction activities this week. This project will improve the safety for children walking to Kingsley Charter Elementary School. The following improvements will be constructed in the community:

Sidewalks along Dartford Drive from Tilly Mill Road to Brendon Drive
Sidewalks along Brendon Drive from Davantry Drive to N. Peachtree Road

Four Raised crosswalks will be installed across:

-N. Peachtree Road at Davantry Drive
-N. Peachtree Road at Brendon Drive
-Brendon Drive at Brendon Court
-Dartford Drive at Brendon Drive

Addition of ADA Ramps, enhancement of existing crosswalks, and pedestrian lighting in front of the school.

Full design drawings can be found here.  (16 MB)

The $330,000 in improvements will be 100 percent federally funded through the Safe Routes to School program. The design and construction is being managed by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

In case you are not aware, I am personally very proud of this grant application that the city submitted just 8 days after incorporation and then won what was supposed to be a $460,000 grant.  Though the finding amount was reduced, as was the scale of the project, this was a huge item for public safety around one of our schools.

As well many other blog posts on SRTS

Work continues on several other critical sidewalk projects as part of the City’s sidewalk improvement plan, created to provide an objective process to prioritize the City’s sidewalk projects. The city will soon receive bids from contractors to complete the sidewalks planned for Roberts Drive, Hensley Drive, Mount Vernon Way, Peachford Road, and Dunwoody Park.

In the later part of 2013, the City substantially completed new sidewalk construction on Womack Road between Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Cambridge Drive, and on the northern end of Happy Hollow Road to complete the sidewalk for the full length of that road. Work on the remaining sidewalk on Valley View Road, which will connect existing sidewalk to Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, is expected to be completed in February, weather permitting.

The city has identified more than 21 miles of future sidewalk improvements and 87 future ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps. Since 2009, including this year’s investments, the City has invested nearly $2,000,000 on completing roughly 5.4 miles of new sidewalk infrastructure, making Dunwoody a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable community for all.


Joe Seconder said...

To me, a budget reflects our values. Either as a community, State or Nation. In 2012 the US Congress eliminated the dedicated funding source for this project (called "Transportation Enhancements") and slashed funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects...Thank goodness in Dunwoody we VALUE and prioritize these investments & have the means and desire to also dedicate local funds for these type of projects. For info on the reduced Federal funding program, please go to:

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John Heneghan said...

Alan, I read your comment even though you deleted it. Meetings and public notices were held regarding these sidewalks and if you have issues with losing specific vegetation or installation plans please reach out to me and I (along with the City of Dunwoody Public Works Department) will look into your issues. This is a Federal DOT funded project being installed by the State but I have confirmation from City Hall that we will sod areas that were previous grassed over.

Long story, short - if you have concerns lets talk now vs later as we will work with you to lessen the impacts where possible. Thanks.

John Heneghan, 770-234-0678 or

alan said...

John specifically what notices were sent out? I keep being tolda by the City Parks, you & DOT that we were notified and that suveys were taken. Not once have we ever been notified, asked or spoken to in anyway about this. I have spoken to 4 others families and none of them were ever contacted either.

If there was any survey's or communications, we would like to know who was surveyed, what they were asked and where they live. It appears talking to neighbors that some people who live on the opposite side were surveyed. Not sure why they were but we were left out.

John Heneghan said...

Alan, in addition to meeting with the SRTS committee at Kingsley early in the project, we held a public meeting on July 26, 2012. I am told letters were sent to adjacent homeowners, signs were put up in the neighborhood and an ad was placed in the Crier advertising the meeting. I am told we did not conduct a survey but we did send out construction notification letters in January.

Kingsley Safe Routes to School Improvement Project

alan said...

Thanks for the reply John. I'm told letters were sent also, but I and several of my neighbors never received any letters. You mentioned a public meeting in 2012, but earlier you stated this began before the City of Dunwoody was established. There was a meeting with the city, some of the neighbors, Ga Power, GDOT & the construction company. It was clear from that meeting that no one was in agreement as to what was being done and who was responsibe. I'm meeting with the City to hopefully get questions answered. I'm not against sidewalks, but it's been clear to us a lot if items were not addressed until it was brought to the City's attention. Thanks for your feedback.

John Heneghan said...

Alan, the City (& your representatives) need to be aware of your concerns and issues and I am glad you are meeting with City staff. When is this meeting as I would like to attend if possible? I am off tomorrow (Monday) for medical appointments and might be able to be there. As I said in a previous comment, if you have issues please reach out to me to make me aware. Thanks

alan said...

John, we met last Sunday. They did make some concessions and although there are still concerns, they have made an effort to correct some of them and make the best of it. It does still bother me that the City is still stating this is 100% Federally funded when that is no longer the case. Anyway it is what it is and I appreciated your time.