Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Brook Run's back 30 acres are taking shape.

Just one of five building being demolished.

The DeKalb County Parks Department has notified me that the contract on the demolition of the old hospital buildings at Brook Run Park has been extended for 60 days in order for the contractor to do a proper job of "Site Restoration". If all goes well, the park will be reopening the rear 30 acres to the public in mid-December or early-January.

About a month ago, I started asking questions of county officials regarding the definition of site restoration as it related to flat usable spaces and the amount of parking and roads that were to be left intact in the back area.

I understand from talking to construction personnel on site that the plans just recently changed, saving several of the back roads and parking areas. In fact, new curbs were being installed the other day where construction equipment had been driving over the areas they thought were going to be demolished. Though I was not allowed to enter the property, I have attached several photos that I took over the fences that shows that the county is making a valid effort to transform this property into relatively flat usable park space.

Maybe the county and the contractors on site would be willing to open the back of the park for a short guided tour of the progress? I'm sure that "The Crier" and other interested news organizations would be happy to report of the efforts of the county.

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Open+Transparent said...

John, you know by now, if Marvin or anyone else from county P & R tells you something's going to be finished by a certain date, you need to add an extra two to twelve months. The next time they meet a self-imposed target date will be the first time they meet a self-imposed target date.