Friday, October 12, 2007

Turn off the automatic sprinklers & think about your overall indoor use too.

As we are all aware, basically all out door watering is now prohibited and my dying fescue lawn is proof that I have turned off the spickets at my house.

I have heard rumblings from neighbors who are complaining to me that their next door neighbors automatic sprinkler system runs every morning at 6 am. If this is your issue, please either talk to your neighbor or just leave an anonymous complaint on the DeKalb County Water hot line at 770-270-6243 or after hours at 770-621-7200.

Please also remember that indoor water use is typically 80 percent of all residential water use. On an annualized basis, outdoor water use only accounts for approximately 20 percent of all residential water use. An outdoor watering ban does nothing to limit most residential water use and waste; which happens inside the home. An outdoor watering ban only addresses the most visible element of our use and we all need to remember to conserve the water we use indoors as well.

Please thank about that aspect the next time you turn the faucet on for any reason.

Examples of what is and isn't allowed under the new outdoor water ban:
— Outdoor watering by commercial establishments such as a bank or apartment complex, or by homeowners association watering neighborhood common areas? PROHIBITED.

— Non-profit fund-raising car wash? PROHIBITED.

— Homeowner watering plants or grass seed that they installed themselves in the last 30 days? PROHIBITED.

— Homeowner (or professional landscaper) watering plants or grass that a "certified or licensed" professional landscaper installed in the last 30 days? ALLOWED. But a homeowner should have proof, such as receipts, showing the materials were professional installed.

— Water running in a fountain, including ones that recirculate the water? PROHIBITED.

— Washing a car? PROHIBITED, except at a commercial car wash.

— Using water from the hose to play in or slide down on a Slip 'N Slide? PROHIBITED.

— Watering outdoors with used bathtub water? ALLOWED.

— Watering outdoors with Unused water from a bathtub faucet? PROHIBITED.

— Pressure washing outdoors? PROHIBITED if you are a homeowner, whether or not the washer is rented. ALLOWED if it is being done by a commercial professional washing business.

— Watering a personal food garden? ALLOWED

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the phone numbers for the county water officials. It's amazing to me the number of my neighbors that continue to water their lawns and flowers during this extreme drought period. It makes me wonder where their priorities lie.