Thursday, February 23, 2012

Agenda for Feb 27th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Monday, February 27th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346


Recognition of Officer Ronny Gomez-Delima for Earning His Bachelor of Information Technology Degree.

Award of Unit Price Contract for Stormwater Pipe Repair and Replacement.

Approval of Contract with ConnectSouth.

Approval of GIS Fees. 

Resolution to Appoint Members to Serve on City of Dunwoody Community Council.

Presentation of Convention and Visitors Bureau of Dunwoody 2011 Year End Report.

Resolution to Set Stormwater Utility Rate.

Resolution to Appoint Zoning Code Rewrite Sounding Board.



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Charles Darling

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Sight Edman said...

OK, what is the storm water fee: four dollars or $5.75?

Seriously Mr. Heneghan, just how competent is our city staff? I just glanced over this, in preparation for a deep read, and this leaps out. This is not an article for the high school news paper, these are ordinances, laws and rules that bind us to this city and we really do deserve better than this.

Regarding the content, was any consideration given to offering a credit to residential units that replace or are built with permeable surfaces where impermeable surfaces are normally used. E.g., replacing a concrete or asphalt drive with a permeable option (

As for the sounding board memo, I think this speaks for itself:

"A method the city has used very successfully with our Branding process is to create a Sounding Board/Advisory Committee..."

Joe Hirsch said...

Sloppy and pathetic: As mentioned above, the stormwater rate is listed incorrectly in the proposal. And, the name of one the construction companies to do the work is wrong also. Yeah, the memo to approve a contractor has an incorrect company name.

Pattie Baker said...

Sight Edman: Good point re: stormwater credits re: permeable surfaces. In fact, I expected that as a ARC Silver Green Community we might have seen some of the stormwater credits such as what Gwinnett County offers (see here: (a version of which then-Councilor-elect Heneghan and I saw presented over three years ago one month prior to Dunwoody becoming a city). I questioned the limitations of Gwinnett's offerings at the time (as they give credit for those with sprinklers with sensors, for instance, but none for those who don't water their lawn at all or who do not use any toxic chemicals) but now I can't help the little nagging voice that asks me if perhaps our ARC designation is mere greenwashing.

John Heneghan said...

Sight Edman & Joe, I post these documents so that the community can assist me (and the Council) in reviewing items prior to action being taken and thank you for letting me (us - as your comments are widely read) know of the errors as they now have been fixed. The City provided updated documents late this afternoon and I have updated my versions as well.

"The following items have been corrected and revised in the City Council Meeting Agenda packet:

• I5. Resolution to Appoint Members to Serve on City of Dunwoody Community Council – seven nominees have been added to the resolution
• L1. Resolution to Set Stormwater Utility Rate – corrected the language that read "Four Dollars ($5.75)” to read "Five Dollars and 75 cents ($5.75)”
• L2. Resolution to Appoint Members to the Zoning Code Rewrite Sounding Board – seven nominees have been added to the resolution"

As far as the permeable surface credit - I asked that very question at the work session and was told that if a commercial property installed permeable surfaces then they could appeal the calculation methos (aerial photo) and the amount would be taken into consideration. Residential stormwater fee is currently a set price no matter the lot side or impermeable lot coverage therefore no consideration can be given without modifying the entire fee structure.

dpgroupie said...

CONGRATULATIONS Detective Delima! I know this accomplishment required strong commitment, and your family deserves thanks for sacrificing time with you so you could gain knowledge that will benefit Dunwoody citizens!