Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Dunwoody links of interest after taking a few days off line.

My Mini Me - Declan

I enjoyed a short trip to reintroduce my children to their grandparents in Florida and closed it out with a glorious Monday back in Dunwoody.  Below are just a few things that crossed over the wire for me to catch up on and figured I would share.  Enjoy.

Tonight 7:00 pm - State of the City Address
Tonight at 6:30 pm - Annual Meeting of the Dunwoody North Civic Association
Tonight at 4:00 pm - BrookhavenYes event at Pub71

DeKalb in showdown over spending this week

Applicants needed for Leadership DeKalb

Compromise emerging in DeKalb school map fight - Millar leading effort. vs. DeKalb school board mess: A quick fix by Legislature gone wrong. Is anyone surprised?

Dunwoody uses new device to check for fugitives

Dunwoody schools (Chesnut and Vanderlyn) to eat healthier with Farm to School grants

Suspicious people in Dunwoody please read and call 911 if you spot them

Who is qualified to present at TEDxPeachtree? Do you think Patti Baker would be a good nomination?

DeKalb won't call special grand jury for school board probe and DeKalb Parents want answers.

Parents it is a scary world out there, pick up Fred the Fox Shouts "No!" by Dunwoody resident Tatiana Matthews at Cutie Pies and 100% of profits will be donated to the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.

Dunwoody loses a stellar newsman in Peter Cox as he departs the Dunwoody Patch to follow his heart to South Africa.

Every morning I wake up and check my email from the DeKalb Mugs daily alert to see if I have have been arrested and booked at the DeKalb County Jail.  Register for 30338, 30360 and 30346 in order to meet your neighbors.  I have also done the same here for Gwinnett and would do Fulton if available?

Brookhaven (Ashford) Cityhood Bill Passes House: 101-57 another perspective from Creative Loafing

Guthries deep fried chicken fingers on Chamblee Dunwoody now offers everything grilled too, so please stop by to see the changes.

Tin Lizzy's to open Dunwoody location inside SunTrust regional branch on Perimeter Center West.

Princess and the Pea, y'all - Puppet Show for Kids this Saturday 10 am at Dunwoody High School

Peachtree Corners City Council candidate Mr. Phill Sadd visited Dunwoody City Hall to learn about Walmart and is looking forward to the two cities partnering on code enforcement along Winters Chapel border.

Interactive T-Splost Map shows Dunwoody's Mount Vernon and many other projects.

Delinquents in Dunwoody video - The Black Lips spray paint the town green and dumpster dive for fries. (NSFW - and p.s. to the Black Lips there is no statute of limitations so beware the Dunwoody Police Helicopters).  Black Lips charity work shows that the boys do have a heart.

Dunwoody High Principal, Mr. Rodney Swanson and a few teachers let loose as they close the Dunwoody High School Variety Show.

Marlow's Tavern will soon open in Dunwoody & is a bank coming to the Blockbuster / Chick-fil-A location on Mount Vernon?

DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer Burrell Ellis spoke in Dunwoody and here is the video.


Pattie Baker said...

John: Thank you for suggesting TedX, but I'll be the person in the back with the pen and pad. :)

Rebecca said...

John, I tried to talk Pattie into it too!

Joe Seconder said...

Transportation, transit and economic development are the top issues for metro Atlanta, according to Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker. Looking forward to hearing what Dunwoody's top issues are tonight. http://civicleagueatlanta.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/regional-player-of-the-week-4/

Hire_A_Veteran said...

Yep, was bound to happen when a majority of right-wing Republicans were voted in to run the city - furtive functionings and surreptitious sessions, and now an action that seems very similar to Nixon hiring a special prosecutor to investigate the Watergate scandal.

Of course they wanted yawl to vote down the park bonds in order that the abandoned green space could be sold to corporate cronies! When will the local electorate learn?

Hire_A_Veteran said...

Appears as though someone is attempting to enact a bill of attainder against whomever turns out to be Deep Throat in order to smoke screen the actual controversy.

Daughter of the Poet said...

After We Saw What There Was to See

After we saw what there was to see we went off to buy souvenirs, and my father waited by the car and smoked. He didn't need a lot of things to remind him where he'd been.

Why do you want so much stuff? he might have asked us. "Oh, Ed," I can hear my mother saying, as if that took care of it.

After she died I don't think he felt any reason to go back through all those postcards, not to mention the glossy booklets about the Singing Tower and the Alligator Farm, the painted ashtrays and lucite paperweights, everything we carried home and found a place for, then put away in boxes, then shoved far back in our closets.

He'd always let my mother keep track of the past, and when she was gone—why should that change? Why did I want him to need what he'd never needed?

I can see him leaning against our yellow Chrysler in some parking lot in Florida or Maine. It's a beautiful cloudless day. He glances at his watch, lights another cigarette, looks up at the sky.

Lawrence Raab