Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Video of the Dunwoody City Council Meeting - Feb 13, 2012

Recap - City Council approved the Leisure Ridge Agreement as well as the IGA with Gwinnett to make Wall-mart a reality on Winters Chapel. Everything else was discussion for items that will be voted upon at the next meeting.

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Hire_A_Veteran said...

Yep, was bound to happen when a right-wing Republican majority was voted in to run the city – furtive functions and surreptitious sessions, and now an action that seems very similar to Richard Nixon hiring a special prosecutor to investigate the Watergate scandal.

Appears as though someone is attempting to enact a bill of attainder against whomever turns out to be Deep Throat in order to blow a smoke screen over the actual controversy.

Of course, they wanted yawl to vote down the park bonds in order that the abandoned green space could be sold to corporate contractor cronies! When will the local electorate learn?

Thank the Lord someone leaked this information and hopefully they do again from any more of these clandestine confabulations! It's OUR money and land, not theirs!