Monday, October 29, 2012

Could a local Dunwoody woman convince Costco to donate 1,000's of lbs of useable food per year to those who are Hungry?

If anybody could convince Costco to donate food to the hungry that they would be usually be throwing away, Pattie Baker can.

Read her blog post here.


GaryRayBetz said...

Ms. Baker, very commendable effort! You always do such good for the community and the greater world. Thank-you.

Pattie Baker said...

Gary: thanks, but it certainly takes a whole bunch of people to make these things happen. Touch base if you're interested in getting involved. Would love to work with you! Loved the hawk story :)

GaryRayBetz said...

Right now, Ms. Baker, the best thing I can do for my community and family is complete more than four consecutive "successful" months in AA and NA, but should this ever come to fruition, I will inquire of you how I can get involved, or perhaps that might just be the key - being that in these efforts I could rid myself of all my current unsavory associates.

But once again, I do have to commend you for all your community and charitable efforts - active and selfless persons like you are the keystones to communities of quality. And I know this to be true of you, as I note that folks like John Heneghan and Bob Lundsten, who set the bar pretty high themselves in this arena, consistently write of how they are so very impressed and galvanized by all your altruistic efforts and accomplishments.

God bless and continue fighting the good fight!

Pattie Baker said...

Gary--we're kind of unsavory ourselves--you'd fit right in, believe me! We laugh a lot. It feels good, especially when many other things in life do not. Come whenever you can.23502

GaryRayBetz said...
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GaryRayBetz said...

Thank-you, perhaps I shall.

Sometimes I forget I'm in the South where, unlike in Chicago we hide our crazy Aunts up in the attic, you all sit them right out in the front parlor for all to see, and are hence much more tolerant of me.