Thursday, October 18, 2012

"I Think There Is a Chance I Can Become Someone Special in Life" (and Other Reasons to Give These Children a Hand)

The following is an excerpt from Dunwoody resident Pattie Baker's Foodshed Planet article.  It is a moving and compelling article about the importance of Arts in our schools.  

As many of us in the Dunwoody community are aware, the Peachtree Charter Middle School Drama Club IS a place where middle school students CAN become someone special. If you have never had the opportunity to attend a PCMS Drama Club's performance, I urge to take in next spring's performance of "Once On This Island, Jr".  

The PCMS Drama Club is fully self-funded and needs your support.  Please support this year's PMCS Drama Club Fall Festival.  The Festival will be held Saturday, October 20th from 9 to 2. 
"What brings me here?" the 7th grade girl wrote on a piece of torn notebook paper as she leaned forward on the long table in the "cafetorium," as did about 60 other middle school boys and girls at this after-school drama club when asked to address that question.

After a short delay, she answered. "When you are on stage, it can be kind of scary, but after you pass your second sentence, you own it."

"You can come in, be yourself, and not be judged by anyone,"another wrote.

The answers continued to pour in...

Click here to read the remainder of Patti's article.

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