Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chief Billy Grogan - Information About New City of Dunwoody Alarm Ordinance

Alarm ordinance: This resulted from 4000 false alarms last year, 90% of which were human error.  The ordinance goes into effect on July 1.  They key elements are that owners will be able to register their alarm on the website.  The electronic portal for this service will be announced soon. If you have an alarm, you are required to register it.  Noncompliance draws a $100 fine.  Each alarm owner will be allowed up to 2 false alarm calls in a year. If there is a third one, there is a $50.  In short, the system is designed to make people who create the problem and abuse the system, “pay” for their shortcomings on fine basis.  

City Ordinance & Fine Structure

More information coming soon!

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