Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dunwoody Council Video - 6pm public comment, Chattcom changed the system, serious accusations, new ethics charges, no HUD, Marta / CBS Outdoor ad shelters are for eyeballs - little else.

We had two meetings this evening, not one vote was taken and I don't think I could do a recap justice without great effort and more hours than I want to spend on the subject.   Both videos above are worth watching till the very end!

Very serious accusations were filed by Councilwoman Bonser at the vary start of the 7 pm meeting and my hope is that Georgia Attorney General Mr. Sam Olens and his staff will be able to watch the video to verify as to what was said.  As a member of council since the very begining of incorporation, I can tell you that legal council was always present, many times advice was questioned, second opinions were sought (even from Sam Olens office), and then advice was followed.

Rick Callihan already has his recap of the 7 pm meeting up here.

Joe Earle of the Dunwoody Reporter has several articles up.
Dunwoody councilwoman announces she’s filing new ethics complaints &
Dunwoody fire tax plan drawing fire

Sue Stanton of the Dunwoody Crier was in the room, as was Pat Fox of the AJC both of whom I am sure will be following up.

Dunwoody Patch article - Councilwoman Adrian Bonser Files Ethics Complaints

All that being said, watch the videos for yourself.

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