Wednesday, June 12, 2013

City of Dunwoody items that I follow as they will soon be coming in front of me on Council

On Tuesday, the Dunwoody Planning Commission approved the site design for a new hotel.
The DHA in April opposed the project because of its access to Ashford Dunwoody, one of the city’s busiest streets. But after the developers negotiated with DHA representatives and agreed to allow only right turns into the property from Ashford Dunwoody, the association changed its position. The new design also includes full access to the property from Perimeter Center North. DHA president Stacey Harris attended the June 11 planning commission meeting to express the group’s support for the new plan. “We think this is a fabulous compromise,” she told the commission. “It’s good.”
This morning, the Dunwoody City Council held a rare week day special called meeting to conduct a hearing on the 2014 tax rate which is holding the same rate since the original date of incorporation.  We also had a first read leasing a building on Shallowford Road at Peachford and a quick discussion regarding the operations of Food Truck Thursdays.

Following the City Council meeting, the City Ethics Committee met and approved a recommendation to City Council for a public reprimand of Dr. Bonser for conduct failing to meet the requirements of courtesy in relation to an email she sent.
Board Member Bahr move that the Board recommend to City Council for a public reprimand of Dr. Bonser for conduct failing to meet the requirements of courtesy in relation to her February 3, 2013 email. That the further recommendations of the hearing officer, with respect to revocation of email privileges be not recommended and that the Board is split with respect to the issuance of a strong letter of encouragement to Dr. Bonser with respect to apologizing in writing to the complainant.
Thursday night the Dunwoody Community Council will discuss the items in the Zoning & Land Development Rewrite. The Sounding Board of Citizens who served seemed to have a solid consensus on most of the proposed changes (Highlights available in this link) except for maybe Home Occupations allowing customer contact.  Here’s the meeting and hearing schedule for this important topic - 6/13: Community Council; 7/9: Planning Commission; 8/12 & 8/26: Mayor and Council.

Monday Night, June 17 from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. there will be an Open House at St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, 1978 Mt Vernon Rd to discuss future plans for Mt. Vernon Rd. and Vermack Rd / Manhasset Drive engineering improvement.
The City of Dunwoody is interested in hearing your input and feedback on future plans and project improvements which enhance the quality of life for everyone within our City. The intersection at Mt. Vernon Rd. and Vermack Rd/Manhasset Drive has been identified in the City of Dunwoody’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan as a high priority project due to its current poor level of service. Mount Vernon Road is one of the primary east-west corridors in the City and Vermack Road provides access to Dunwoody High School and Vanderlyn Elementary School. The current intersection is signalized but lacks turn lanes, causing longer traffic queues and wait times, and remains deficient in accommodating safe use by pedestrians and bicyclists. The City is currently in the early planning stages/data-gathering phase during which public input, land survey and traffic counts are obtained to best determine appropriate engineering improvements for the intersection. We invite you to join us for a Public Information Open House meeting concerning the intersection.

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Max said...

Council Member Terry Nall did a great job in researching the Sterling siteplan and developing an solution that should alleviate some potential traffic issues.

Once again, local, elected and private sector ideas can come together to positively affect Dunwoody development.

This project takes a parking lot and turns it into an amenity that produces good jobs, business revenue from license fees and sales taxes. Add to that quality retail, and some fun new places to check out.

Thank you, Terry and everyone else.