Thursday, November 6, 2014

Brook Run Dog Park - final plan coming to the Dunwoody City Council on Monday.

Brook Run Dog Park has been an active and popular amenity within Brook Run Park for the past 9 years. The dog park is enjoyed by many dogs and their owners for the natural beauty and shaded areas that it provides. Because of its popularity, the area that the current dog park resides is in need of extensive rehabilitation.

After several months of discussion with park users and the neighboring residents, a plan was submitted to Council in December 2013 to relocate the dog park to another area within Brook Run Park. However, due to funding concerns and public sentiment, Council requested that staff work with the neighbors of Brook Run Park and the Dog Park Board to create a design within the same area of the park that would accommodate both groups.

After meeting with both groups, the attached draft plan was created for Council’s consideration. Staff feels that it meets the majority of the requests from both groups. The dog park will have a 2 acre large dog park and a .25 acre small dog park and will now be 400 feet from the neighbors’ homes to decrease the disruption of barking dogs. Staff will also work with the Brook Run Dog Park Association to remediate erosion within the park after the fences are relocated.

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