Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dunwoody Council's Independent Auditor, Mr. William J. Mulcahy gives glowing praise for city's due diligence and transparency.


As one of the the original council members who started the City of Dunwoody six years ago, I take great pleasure in hearing from an auditor that we are not only doing a wonderful job financially, but we are continuing to improve various procedures in reporting the oversight of the city funds.   Transparency of government operations was one of my goals in originally running for City Council and this type of report just makes me giddy - (yes I am a dork).

Mr. Mulcahy discussed the 3rd quarter City financial report which now includes council expenses on page 5 (but was missing a little back up from what was reported earlier here), he reviewed the Public Works Department and our road paving processes as well as the quality control measures that are in place in ensure the road contractor is giving us a quality project.   He was very pleased with everything he saw and finally he stated that in the 4th quarter he will be reviewing the City's purchasing card transactions.   The video is 14 minutes long and it is worth a watch.

In other related news on transparency, the City released the 11 page, 3rd Qtr Key Performance Indicators report which shows some blistering statistics from the various departments.

For example did you know that the City received 263 open records requests in the just the 3rd quarter alone and will most likely have over 1,000 requests prior to the end of the year.  (I think I need to do an open records request to find who is asking for what and to see if there are duplicate requests that we can just post to the web?)  The 11 pages are filled with numerous tidbits of information for example, our Public Works team made a concerted effort to improve our existing sidewalk network by making 276 sidewalk repairs including replacing cracked or broken sections and grinding down uneven sections to reduce trip hazards.

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