Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pebble Tossers is a great Dunwoody Charity serving all of Atlanta that could use your support.

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Shape the Future: Start a Ripple of Giving

Dear Friends,

When Pebble Tossers started in 2008, our belief rested on a powerful principle: young people are generally an untapped resource for communities and that youth volunteering is a win-win opportunity, benefiting the community as well as the young people themselves. 

We now have 15,000 youth & family volunteers who serve 122 local nonprofits. Additionally, we've launched several youth development and leadership development programs to actively engage kids and teens. Last year, the community impact of their volunteer efforts was valued at $1,183,000.

Pebble Tossers provides local nonprofits with creative solutions utilizing youth volunteers.  It's powerful to watch kids take action; to experience volunteering for the first time and to witness the sparkle in their eye from knowing they made an impact.

This Thursday is Georgia Gives Day, a day supporting all Georgia nonprofits.  I ask you to join thousands of others and donate to nonprofits and, specifically, to Pebble Tossers. As a bonus, your donation will be doubled due to the generosity of our Board of Directors who will match the first $2,500 donated!

We need each one of you reading this email to donate at least $5 - the cost of a cup of coffee! This donation will directly go to the programming of our youth volunteers and will start a huge ripple of giving in Atlanta! You can donate right now or wait until Thursday, but ....

Thanks, your support is greatly appreciated!

Jennifer Guynn
Executive Director

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Unknown said...

John, thanks for your continued support of Pebble Tossers and for promoting youth volunteerism!