Thursday, May 28, 2015

DeKalb Sanitation one-day-a-week collection ‘go-live’ date set for July 6

DeKalb Sanitation one-day-a-week collection ‘go-live’ date set for July 6

DeKalb County, GA, May 11, 2015 – by The Post Reports – With the upcoming one-day-per-week sanitation collection service change implementation program drawing near, DeKalb County Sanitation Division Associate Director, Billy Malone says there is a plan and the program will be officially launched on May 28, 2015.

On or about May 29, the County will begin door hanger delivery to notify residents of their new day for one-day-a-week sanitation collection service. This project will take approximately three to four weeks.

Following the notification, roll cart delivery to residents will begin during the week of June 21. There is a possibility – depending on the speed in which the door-hanger notices are delivered – the program may begin a week earlier.

Malone says the roll cart delivery process will take up to eight weeks to complete, but could be completed in six weeks if all goes well.

The “go live” date for beginning one-day-a-week collection service is July 6 for customers who will have Monday as their new collection day, July 7 for customers who will have Tuesday as their new collection day, July 8 for customers who will have Wednesday as their new collection day, and July 9 for customers who will have Thursday as their new collection day,” says Malone.

Malone notes, the one-day-a-week collection service will begin on July 6 even if certain customers have still not received their roll cart. These customers will be allowed to continue using their own provided garbage containers until they receive their county-issued roll cart.

As far as the City of Dunwoody is considered, we have many residents in the trial pilot project area and though I have heard a few complaints I don't have the sense if the community would want to contract out differently then the one day a week pick up therefore I am ready to test the proposed change to see if it is right for the community.  If it is decided that we could do better for sanitation, the city has options to make changes.

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Unknown said...

Hello John,

We’ve enjoyed being part of the “one-day-a-week test” and look forward to it being formalized. The service has been exceptional and we are completely comfortable with the program continuing into the future.

Many thanks for all you done to make us proud to live in the City of Dunwoody.


Jim & Anne Sheahan