Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pernoshal Park and Brook Run Trail extention groundbreaking on June 4

Award of Contract 15-01, Construction of Dunwoody Trailway Phase III and Park on Pernoshal Court.
Trail Dunwoody Trailway Ph. 3 Bid Set.pdf   30 MB
Trail Pernoshal Park Bid Set.pdf   59MB
Trail ITB 15-01 Dunwoody Trailway Phase 3 and Pernoshal Park Construction.pdf  5 MB
Trail ITB 15 - Addendum 1.pdf
Trail ITB 15-01 Addendum No 2.pdf
Trail ITB 15-01 Bid Responses.pdf

Estimated Park opening January 2016
The city of Dunwoody is hosting a Groundbreaking Ceremony on Thursday, June 4, for Pernoshal Park, the City of Dunwoody’s newest park. The five acre park, located on the 19-acre Project Renaissance property,  will feature a terraced lawn, leading to an open play field, a basketball court and two smaller sport courts, a pavilion, and a .3 mile segment of the Dunwoody Trail. The park is located at 1959 Pernoshal Court and the event begins at 12:00 p.m. We hope you will join us for this special occasion!

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Jay said...

the links for the last 3 files are a bit messed up. I was able to manually type the file names in my browser to see them (had to type %20 for the spaces). For the posting of pdfs and other files, consider replacing the spaces in the file names with an underscore.

Is there an approximate timeframe for completing the path across the creek from Pernoshal to the Brook Run portion?