Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Care Atlanta is a local Dunwoody Area charity that assists our police department and they could use your help for a special cause.

I Care Atlanta is a charity that routinely assists and works with the Dunwoody Police Department and it is run by a Dunwoody resident Mr. Anthony Delgado whom I have highlighted previously.  

One of our Dunwoody Police officers stopped to talk with a veteran who was observed soliciting on the side of the roadway. It just so happened that an "I Care Atlanta" van was driving by and its driver offered to help. The gentlemen received a large box of food to tide him over until other services could be contacted. I Care Atlanta have been wonderful community partners for the Dunwoody Police. Thank You…I CARE ATLANTA and great timing!
I Care Atlanta now needs your help!

We have run out of leasing options and can purchase the Refrigeration Truck we currently operate on for $8,500. We need to this truck to continue to serve our community. The food donation pick-ups, and dropoffs would not happen without this unit!

Each day, 365 days a year, I Care Atlanta collects food donated by supermarkets, grocery stores, and other generous businesses in and around the city. This year we are on track to deliver well over 500 tons of  food donations,  I Care Atlanta provide the link between the stores who have the food and those who need it.

Any dollar amount counts towards our goal! Help us keep our truck moving!! Without the help of our charitable donors we would not be able to continue our efforts.  Please donate to today if you are able to do so.   Thanks.

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