Monday, May 4, 2009

Radarsign proved to reduce speeding on dangerous North Peachtree Road

Radarsign installed a driver feedback display in “stealth” mode to record traffic patterns on North Peachtree Road without alerting drivers and recorded speeds as high as 68 mph. The display was turned on the following week so drivers were alerted to their speeds as they approached the school zone. It was determined that more than half of all drivers on North Peachtree Road were speeding in that first week. By week two, Radarsign cut the the total number of speeders by more than forty percent.

As a resident who drove past the sign several times per day, I personally witnessed numerous cars slow down to the posted speed limit when notified of the circumstances. I am a proponent of these signs and believe that they should be permanently installed near schools and other areas of concern.

In fact I believe these signs could be an first option for those streets who want a level of neighborhood speed control but are hesitant to install speed bumps.


Diana Davis said...

John, I noticed someone "took out" the sign on N. Peachtree Friday night. What needs to happen to replace this sign and/or to have one permanently installed in this location. I love the graph, great proof of effectiveness!!!

Enforcement Logix said...

the day Dunwoody puts up red light cameras is the day I put the home up for sale. (perhaps Dunwoody Mom will now donate red light cameras to get rid of me) :)speed display

trafficlogix said...

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