Thursday, February 28, 2013

Governor Nathan Deal proclaims March 6, 2013 - Georgia School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

The City of Dunwoody reached out to Governor Nathan Deal to request that Wednesday, March 6th be set aside to especially honor the men and woman of Georgia who work tirelessly to make sure that our children make it safely to school.  In the photo, Governor Deal is joined by myself, Representative Tom Taylor, Crossing Guard Larry Adams who works at Dunwoody Elementary School, Crossing Guard Supervisor Joanne Adams, staff from the Georgia Safe Routes to Schools program and my son Riley who was serving as a page in the State Senate.

Wednesday, March 6th, is "Georgia Walk to School Day" with thousands of extra children hitting the streets so this tie in to honor those who serve is a natural extension of the day.  This is a statewide event, and each of Dunwoody's elementary schools - Austin, Chesnut, Dunwoody Elementary, Kingsley and Vanderlyn - will be hosting a walk/bike to school event on this day as part of its walk to school program.    For the second consecutive year, Dunwoody's schools have staged a friendly competition - they will be competing for "The Golden Sneaker of Dunwoody" - awarded to the school with the highest percentage of walkers. Last year Kingsley Elementary had 97% of their students walking and they just edged out Austin Elementary where 92% of their students walked.

Please assist me spreading the word of "School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day" throughout the State, your local school system and your children's school.   Finally on Wednesday, March 6th please walk your children to school and thank those who make it safe to do so.  They deserve it.

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