Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Residents approve the City of Dunwoody

With 16 of the 19 precincts reporting, 81% of the Citizens of Dunwoody have decided overwhelmingly in favor of becoming an official city. My guess is that when the final pre-voting and absentee ballots are counted that the percentage in favor of the measure will jump even higher.


kegger said...

A pretty clear statement, eh? I'm embarrassed to admin it but I have no idea how these numbers stack up against the population of the city area - Jim: Do you know this number? My "have-to-know" brain wants to get a feel for the turnout - seems pretty high.

Also, it may not be a priority for the soon-to-be elected leaders of Dunwoody but ... don't you think it would be poetic if their 1st act would be to propose the city be renamed, "Joneswoody?" I think the citizens owe in no small part the vote to his efforts; no disrespect intended to Millar and others! :)

John Heneghan said...

Dunwoody has an estimated population of about 38,000 and since that number includes those under the legal voting age, immigrants and probably a fair number of slackers who never registered; I am guessing the overall percentage of those who were eligible to vote is very high. The totals listed do not include a number of precincts and I believe they are missing the thousands of votes cast at Brook Run and the absentee. The last count I heard for Brook Run pre-voting was about 2,400 votes cast and a large amount of those (not all) were probably from Dunwoody.

kegger said...

Is there another issue on which Dunwoody voters will reach this level of consensus? I thought it might be close ... this is a true pasting!