Thursday, July 3, 2008

Calling all photographers. A day in the life of Dunwoody, Monday December 1st.

Dunwoody Protesters in 1979 upset about Ashford Dunwoody going to Four Lanes.

Have you ever seen those large coffee table books that send a group of photographers out to document the day in the life of a certain location. I have seen it done for countries like Ireland and continents like Africa but I don't think it has ever been done by a group of local amateur photographers attempting to capture the essence of a small town on it's first day of becoming a city?

Someone would need to step forward to spearhead the coordination of this project in order to make it a reality, (not me, I'm just the idea guy). Residents could roam the streets from midnight to midnight on Monday, December 1st chronicling every facet of life in Dunwoody.

I'm guessing that the Spruill Arts Center could be the headlining sponsor whereby they could host a formal judged showing of the best photographs and because of the historical aspect of the event the Dunwoody Preservation Trust would also be heavily involved. The Dunwoody Crier could assist in advertising the event, print a special section of the paper for the best photos and possibly even host the electronic images onto a rumored upgraded news website which will compliment the weekly paper. Georgia Perimeter College, the Art Institute of Atlanta, Dunwoody High School, and even Peachtree Middle School could have this as a school art project.

Think of the historical relevance thirty years from now by being able to review this one brief shapshot back in time? Look at the one photo above and now imagine a thousand photos of the exact same date, taken all over the city, cataloged and indexed so that you could know exactly what you were looking at. Big or small, I see this as a worthwhile community event that should be relatively easy to coordinate and if it was web based, it could cost almost nothing at all.

Every proud papa takes pictures of the baby and I'm of the opinion that we should be doing this for the City of Dunwoody on December 1st.

Is anyone interested in coordinating this? I'll assist.

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Steve Barton said...

Joyce Amacher!

And though Ashford-Dunwoody may have been four-laned, the Dunwoody Garden Club and concerned citizens were able to get the median and landscaping from the DOT.