Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dunwoody resident needs a little help and a related organization that could probably use some volunteers.

Serving on the Dunwoody City Council and writing this little blog has allowed me to meet so many people that I wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise.  A Dunwoody resident by the name of Gail reached out to me a few years ago and after we walked her neighborhood I was able to assist her with a City service that she desperately needed.  Gail is a lovely lady who is highly educated, a witty conversationalist whom I have actually written about previously as she is truly inspiring.  Gail has a visual impairment that doesn't seem to slow her down but that being said, she is looking for a little help as she occasionally needs transportation assistance to her doctor's appointments. 

I am forwarding her request below in the hopes of finding a volunteer.
I’m a Dunwoody resident with a visual impairment and no longer drive. I’m looking for a driver or two to give me rides to doctor appointments, shopping, the bank, the library etc. I’d like someone retired with free time during weekdays. I prefer a nonsmoker as the smoke can activate my asthma. I would like a possible commitment of one day per week although not necessarily the same day each week. I am agreeable to being dropped off and picked up, or you’re welcome to come along and do your shopping as well. Most places I go are in the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs area, but I do have one doctor in Lilburn and sometimes visit friends in Lilburn. Occasionally I like to go to the DeKalb Farmer’s Market on E Ponce de Leon. I am willing to negotiate a fee with you (gas money, per mile or per hour). I am capable of using MARTA buses and trains but they don’t go to all the places I need and the circuitous route I must take often adds an additional hour and a lot of wait time. If you’re interested in this opportunity or know someone who might fit the bill, please contact me. Thank you!   
Gail   770-455-6734
Related to finding assistance for Gail, I remembered that the All Saints Knights of Columbus had members who actively volunteered for an organization called Icare - Volunteer Drivers for Seniors which assists in providing transportation to medical appointments.  After reading what this local organization is about, I see this as a great volunteer opportunity for those who are retired to assist those locally who could use a little help.  If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity please reach out to them and/or Gail, as I know she would be very thankful.

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Emily Gest said...

As a regular readers of your wonderful blog, we wanted to share with you a few of the resources we provide elderly victims when they visit the Solicitor-General's Office regarding a criminal matter.

As you mentioned, ICARE – -- is great.

Also, Adult Protective Services provides services as such for disabled persons. Call intake at 404-657-5250.

There is also the DeKalb County Office of Senior Services (which provides services to disabled adults as well). The number is 770-322-2950.

If she has Medicaid there is a Medicaid Van that provides such services and she could get that info through APS.

Hope this helps.