Thursday, May 3, 2012

Georgia Open Meeting and Records Law of 2012 - Presentation by the Georgia First Amendment Foundation

by Shawn McIntosh and Tom Clyde
Transparency in Government breeds self-corrective behavior.

H.B.397 Law & Legislative Background open meetings and records; revise provisions

AJC - Law prods public officials toward transparency

Tuesday am. Georgia Attorney General, Sam Olens, Discusses the Revamped Sunshine Laws


Wise Acre said...

Twitter was already all ablaze about this presentation. Hope yawl learned something!


Psst! - Dunwoody Mayor and Council hold closed meeting to discuss Georgia Open Meeting and Records Law.

MP said...

John, thank you for posting this. I am familiar with previous iterations of the Georgia Open Meetings and Records Law, but was not aware of how many changes have been introduced. I have shared a link to this excellent summary with others.