Wednesday, May 16, 2012

News items from the various blogs around Dunwoody

The Dunwoody Nature Center has announced this seasons concert line up with the first one happening this Saturday.

Dunwoody Mom at Dunwoody School Daze tells us Mr. Rodney Swanson the Principal at Dunwoody High School is leaving and that we will have a 3rd Principal in 5 years.  Her twitter feed told me that there are now court dates stemming from DeKalb School Construction issues and the possible corruption of it's top leadership.

Bob Fiscella's Dunwoody USA blog tells us that the Arby's in the Williamburg Shopping Center (next to the McDonalds) at Mt. Vernon & Jett Ferry is closing and as it already has a drive thru is speculating that would make a good location for Chick-fil-A.

Dunwoody Working Girl reminds us that the new Brusters Ice Cream shop is open in Dunwoody Village and  Dunwoody Talk shows a press release that Marlow's Tavern will be opening July 31st also in Dunwoody Village.

Dunwoody Community Garden is still in the running to plan an orchard in Brook Run Park.

If you are ever looking for a nanny, job announcements, a local recommendation for just about anything or general topical information, I highly recommend that you subscribe to Audra Anders, The Aha Connection.

Besides the local blogs, our community is blessed to have the Crier, the Reporter, the Neighbor and the Patch all of whom are news sites to keep us informed and have advertisers from the community who need our support.

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