Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Night for Dunwoody - Local Swim Meets

As I sat though a Dunwoody City Council Meeting on a rare Tuesday night, my friend Rick Callihan and a large contingent of the Dunwoody community attended one of the many local swim meets in the area.  The Callihan's are a big swimming family who take the subject very seriously, while besides cheering on my three run of the mill swimmers, my biggest joy of the season will probably be seeing my 6 year old Declan graduate from the "pre-team" by completely swimming across the pool during a competition where the goal is to not drown.  My son's main motivation in completing this feat is that he knows that once this happens, he will have earned the right to sport a mohawk like he has seen his brother's sporting earlier in life.

Rick wrote a nice article highlighting all of the Tuesday night swim meet results and if he gets enough positive feedback maybe he will cover the entire season.  Below is a taste of the full article, so please read the rest on his Dunwoody Talk Blog.
There are events during the year that stick with us, and last night was one of them. Thousands of people, all bonding behind a single issue, come together. Lots of time and money involved. Tough decisions to be made. People going on the record, people struggling to finish a job started. Parents and kids involved. And it's a race against not only the clock, but against friends and neighbors:

Welcome to Swim Season 2012. Who swims the IM? What kid will be in lane 3 of the first relay? How many hamburgers do we cook? Do we have fresh batteries in the stop watches? Where is the bullpen parent? Why did your kid go to the playground and miss his relay? Why is my swimmer in race 19 then not in the pool again until race 79?

Yes, it's time to dedicate the next few Tuesdays to the swim meet. Last night some local teams had their swim caps pulled over their eyes then received a royal dunking.
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