Friday, January 10, 2014

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday January 13, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014
Dunwoody City Hall

41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 pm - Work Session & Exec Session
7:00 p.m. - Voting Meeting


Update on the CAD-to-CAD Interface Project. - 6 pm

Presentation by Georgians for Local Area School Systems.
       Should Georgia change its constitution to allow Dunwoody and others to create own schools? by Erika Harris

Presentation by DeKalb County Sanitation - Pilot Automated Trash Collection and Once/WeekPickup.

Approval of Resolution in Support of H.R. 486

Discussion of Updated Concept Plan for Renaissance 5 Acre Park on the 19 Acre Property.
      Jan 13th Memo and Updated Concept Drawing
Historical Docs on 5 acre Park
Discussion of Name and Charter Amendments of Sustainability Commission

Discussion of Amendments to No Net Loss of Trees Policy.

Discussion of Amendment to the City of Dunwoody Comprehensive Transportation Plan.
      Guessing it is a request to remove center lane from Mt. Vernon?

Discussion of 2014 Paving Plan.


Pattie Baker said...
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John Heneghan said...

CAD to CAD informational memo to Council was updated on Friday afternoon to provide more detail as to issue at hand.

Since the December update we completed very successful testing call during which we were able to verify all outstanding issues had been addressed. The connection remained stable throughout the test, the functionality was improved (all special characters transferred appropriately), and all test calls transferred successfully. In short, the interface is complete and works to the satisfaction of both 911 centers. The ChatComm Technical Advisory Committee met last week and expressed their continued support and willingness to take any steps they could to move this project to completion. However, following our successful testing calls as we were planning the timing for “go live,”

DeKalb’s CAD vendor (InterAct) advised that in order for the interface to work in their live environment they will need to complete a CAD system update. Staff is still working to determine how InterAct could have overlooked the need for this system update. As a user of the system there is no way DeKalb could have anticipated the need to do a system update with the interface. InterAct should have known they would need to update DeKalb’s CAD platform in order to go live with the interface when they began programming for the interface. Interact’s oversight is now delaying the implementation of the project.

Due to the complexity and security levels built into computer aided dispatch systems, CAD system updates are usually large undertakings which are accompanied by months of planning and preparation. Although this CAD software system update is only necessary to implement the interface and has the potential to disrupt their entire 911 center, DeKalb remains committed to completing the update so that we can implement the interface. In order to ensure their entire 911 center is not negatively impacted, DeKalb needs time to plan with InterAct for the CAD software system update and work with the update in a test environment. DeKalb has not wavered in their efforts to make time for this project. DeKalb and InterAct will be completing the necessary CAD software system update the first week of February.

Staff has reached out to InterAct as well as InterAct’s parent company AT&T to express our displeasure with this delay. AT&T has been advised and agreed they will not be paid for their work on the project until such time the update has been completed and the interface has been implemented. Staff is coordinating a final round of testing to ensure all aspects of the interface still work for the second week in February.

Following successful testing, both the ChatComm Technical Advisory Committee and ChatComm Authority Board have agreed to hold special called meetings and then we will proceed to implement the interface.

Joe Seconder said...

If you support our city's continued investment in Complete Streets and putting in both sidewalks & bike lanes, please sign this on-line petition:

Joe Hirsch said...

John, the reason the memo posted on the city's web page about CAD to CAD was removed, or rather, deleted and "updated" was not simply to provide more information; it was because the memo caused an uproar with calls for the city to fire the incompetent employees who have mismanaged this project. Even in your updated message, you don't post the most damming portion of the memo, located as the very last sentence where it says city staff suggests council look for alternatives for medical and fire dispatch. The memo buried the lead. The memo headline should read: "CITY STAFF SUGGESTS COUNCIL LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVES TO THIS PLAN!" After 2 1/2 years, it's time to stop cheerleading on this and remove those who can't manage to get it done as promised. Every time the council says they are gonna get tough on the vendors, the citizens are the ones who suffer. No more BS promises to us. Are you going to fire someone - or vote to give that person another bonus this year?

John Heneghan said...

Joe, you know me well enough that I do not delete items or documents that I post without a very good reason and I haven't done it here either. The Cad 2 Cad Memo posted by the city is still linked on my original post and I turned around and posted the update in a comment in order to inform the public.

As far as the last line, or next steps that I supposedly left out of the comment... maybe I considered it general knowledge as a review of options has been planned for quite some time and FYI, just maybe, it was actually Council telling Staff what to do? Our contract with Chatcomm is quickly coming to an end and it needs to be reevaluated and other options reviewed for service provided vs a cost benefit analysis. This subject will be broached at our Staff / Council planning meeting (I refuse to call it a retreat as retreats sound fun and this is an all day meeting) scheduled for some hotel in Dunwoody on Fri Jan 24th. (Details escape me but I will post.)

Finally, yes I have been a long term "Cheerleader" for this project because I know the value that it will provide if successful. That being said, maybe this cheerleader is also pissed at the delays & excuses to the point that I am ready force drastic change. Maybe I expressed my dissatisfaction and threatened immediate action?

Thing is, that I tend to be more methodical on decisions and try not to jump to conclusions that long term would be a mistake.

Today we are using the industry standard one button transfer that Chamblee, Doraville and others are using. We are working towards providing an immediate electronic notification to DeKalb EMS that no else is using, tying together systems that are difficult to make compatible.

The safety of the citizens of Dunwoody comes above all other reasons for Government and I believe attempting to provide this gold level of service, even if difficult to achieve, is the right thing to do.