Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Large Crowd attending Peachtree Corners / Dunwoody community meeting.

This evening over one hundred residents of the two neighboring communities gathered to review possible improvements to the Winters Chapel corridor which runs from Spalding Road (the border of Sandy Springs) south to Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.  The meeting tonight outlined the various characteristics and the options for improvements to sidewalks, streetscapes, pedestrian lighting and possible pocket parks. 


Joe Seconder said...

John - will there be info posted online somewhere? And also for people to offer their recommendations that could not attend? I hope there will be more iterative public meetings before anything is formally proposed to the cites for funding. (and of course I'm assuming we are going to use a Complete Streets methodology to planning this corridor like examples & items posted below) Thanks!


John Heneghan said...

Joe, this project is being overseen by POND and the main contact is Andrea Greco and she will take your comments at grecoa@pondco.com

Below is the link to the items presented the other night.


Once Pond collects and analyzes the feedback from this the meeting the ideas will be presented to each city's planning commission for review.

It is my expectation that complete streets will be followed.