Sunday, February 22, 2015

Per the AJC, City of Dunwoody looks to be holding the line on growth in government and in population.

The Sunday AJC has an interesting article written by Mark Niesse entitled "New cities could further split Atlanta region" and in there he highlights various issues like the growth of local governments and increased population.   It is hard to say that about the City of Dunwoody as the City Council works hard to watch both aspects of city hood very closely and below are a few graphs that are very telling.  (Granted if we started a Fire Department like Sandy Springs & Johns Creek; our numbers might mirror some aspect of government growth as I do not believe the author took that fact into consideration?)

Another important item to consider is that on the day the City of Dunwoody incorporated back in 2008, DeKalb County's tax rate was 16.31 mils and Dunwoody adopted it.   Today Dunwoody still has a tax rate of 16.31 mills and Unincorporated DeKalb has raised their taxes up to 21.21 mills.

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