Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Endorsement of John Heneghan, the political rebel with a cause.

Contract for a Sustainable America Endorses First Political Candidate
September 2nd, 2008

Wow, that is a headline I thought I would never write with this organization and will likely never write again.

So how can such a non-partisan organization that wants to avoid supporting either party and wants to bring the two parties closer together, towards a more sensible sustainable future do this.

Simple, this candidate is so non partisan he is becoming the James Dean character of today’s politics. Only this rebel does have a cause, and that cause is reform, education of the public and a fair and open process.

In todays “left wing extreme-liberal” and “right wing arch-conservative” negative, destructive, fight everything, build up nothing, political battle field this makes him a total radical. He is simply going so far to look out for the good of the people, and set aside personal gain that he is upsetting the whole corrupt political cart.

The most interesting thing is I did plan to announce the slate of candidates I was going to endorse, but not until they all have an opportunity to sit down and go thru a questionnaire process with me with respect to zoning reform, and I was not going to make it part of the Contract for a Sustainable America initiative.

But on second thought I think I will, because the biggest issue in my opinion that could go several different ways for the city of Dunwoody is zoning reform. I think most the candidates are pretty close on every other issue, but on this one there are clearly several different camps forming.

So I will put the candidates on notice. I have already selected my slate to endorse based on the Candidate forum and questions I asked directly to the candidates after the forum. There are three races with candidates neck and neck where I will be contacting them before my official announcement. Before I say who I will endorse let me briefly tell you why, there is a lot more detail in his website but:
  1. He is a federal employee who can not take any campaign contributions so he is running his campaign simply using meeting people in person and the tool of his internet published writings.

  2. He has a record of standing up for the little guy and not playing politics for personal gain.

  3. I think he will make those who are corrupting our political system miserable and will not quit doing this whether he is in office or not. So it is my proud honor to endorse a political rebel with a cause:

John Heneghan for the District 3 at large seat on the City Council for the new city of Dunwoody, GA

So good luck John. But more importantly good luck Dunwoody with your new democracy!

Democracy is a beautiful thing that comes with a lot of personal responsibility and each decision each of you makes, particularly in these days of formation, will have repercussions for years to come, for you, your families, your friends, your children and your grandchildren.

Thom Shepard

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