Sunday, September 21, 2008

DeKalb is looking for a Park Representative from District 1

The DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Department, Citizens Advisory Board is looking for a new representative from District 1. I am told that Mr. Jeffrey Skelton who has filled the position for quite awhile has now stepped down from the CAB and that Commissioner Elaine Boyer is now looking for a parks advocate to represent her on the committee.

The Purpose of the Citizens Advisory Board is to provide advice on the types of activities, necessary facilities, general direction and to assist the Park and Recreation Department in their efforts to provide leisure services to all citizens of DeKalb County.

The Citizens Advisory Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Maloof Center, 1300 Commerce Drive, 1st floor Conference Room 102 in Decatur, Georgia. Quarterly community meetings will be held at one of our recreational facilities.

If you are interested, please contact Elaine or her assistant Nancy at 404-371-2844.


Ilovemykids said...

Speaking of Elaine Boyer, can someone explain to me, why her ethics inquiry and her meddling in Lakeside High School affairs has received virtually no notice in Dunwoody?

Sheila said...

You've not heard that much in Dunwoody because, as I was told by Cathy Cobb of the Crier, due "to the relationship between Dick (Williams) and Elaine, he will never write a story about her."

However, not every journalist can be controlled by Boyer.

I think you will soon see more about this as the LHS cheerleading is no more due to the scandal the Boyer's have created called CHEERGATE.

Ilovemykids said...

Sheila, it's interesting that Dick Williams and The Crier spent a large amount of space criticizing Jill Chambers lack of ethics (and rightfully so), but nary a peep about Elaine Boyer's lack of ethics has made The Crier's pages. Maybe Elaine arranged for Sembler to give a donation to Dick's childrens school? I'm also wondering how Elaine's daughter's were able to get into a very overcrowded Lakeside High School when their home school is Tucker.

Sheila said...

Actually, when the lastest story about Chambers ran in the Crier, I called them directly to let them know that the ethics charges against Boyer, from 2003 & 2004, include the same complaints made against Chambers. However, until the State Ethics Commission hears the Chamber's complaints, they are just complaints. Boyer's complaints were heard in 2004 and found to have merit and were remanded to the Attorney General's office where they are still waiting to be heard. Possibly by the end of the year. But as I said, Dick will not tell the truth because of his relationship with Boyer.

As for how her children got the transfers, I do not know. I do know there are many LHS parents who are upset, not only at the havoc wreaked on their children because of the booster but because there were 2 transfers given, likely because of Boyer's position with the county.

This is a perfect example of why there needs to be term limits on public officials. They get complacent, lazy and too much power to abuse.

Ilovemykids said...

From this morning's edition of the AJC:

Campaign finance reports Boyer filed in June and September indicate that at least 70 percent of the $70,000 she raised during that period came from builders, property managers, engineers, architects, real estate brokers, developers and the lawyers and lobbyists who serve them.

70% of Elaine's contributions came from developers, etc., And some of you still think she's as clean as a whistle - amazing.

Sight Edman said...

It is prudent to take a skeptical view of all politicians. Including our very own mayor and city council.

As for development, businesses operating in the city will pay more taxes than homeowners will with property taxes. Without them, and the development that brought them, we wouldn't have a city.