Monday, September 15, 2008

Open meetings and Dunwoody City Attorney Wanted

Open Meetings

Though the City of Dunwoody doesn't officially start until December 1st, the elected officials can start taking official actions as soon as they are elected. There is much work to do and meetings are already being set therefore I have just reminded the candidates that we need to publish our schedule and ensure that all meetings are open to the public.

Once I obtain the schedule, I will post it on my blog calendar and win, lose or draw you can count on me being in attendance at most if not all of the meetings. A basic outline of the open meetings law can be found at the link below.

City Attorney Wanted

City of Dunwoody is soliciting applications and proposals for the position of City Attorney. The committee considering the proposals anticipates making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council at the beginning of October and all proposals must be received by Friday September 26, 2008. Please submit resumes and proposals to City of Dunwoody Legal Qualification Committee,, or fax to 404-164-1737.

From the Dunwoody City Charter

City attorney.

The mayor shall appoint the city attorney(s) together with such assistant city attorneys as may be deemed appropriate subject to confirmation by the city council and shall provide for the payment of such attorney(s) for services rendered to the city. The rates or salary paid to any city attorney or assistant city attorney shall be approved in advance by the city council. The city attorney(s) shall be responsible for representing and defending the city in all litigation in which the city is a party; may be the prosecuting officer in the municipal court; shall attend the meetings of the city council as directed; shall advise the city council, mayor, other officers, and employees of the city concerning legal aspects of the city´s affairs; and shall perform such other duties as may be required by virtue of his or her position as city attorney. The city attorney(s) shall review all contracts of the city but shall not have the power to bind the city.

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