Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Georgia Perimeter State College ?

Georgia Perimeter College started offering baccalaureate programs in areas of Sign Language Interpreting and Health Informatics in the fall 2012 therefore the Board of Regents just upgraded the name of the school to include the word "State" into the name.  Interesting that this was done when the first B.S. degree has yet to be conferred. Maybe they are dusting off the big plans of the past that went nowhere?

The AJC quotes that when another school's name was upgraded it cost over $2.5 million on new signage.

In other news, congrats to Mr. Rob Watts the interim President of GPSC.


John Heneghan said...

GPC employees do not want to change name

The Board of Regents approval to change the name of Georgia Perimeter College to Georgia Perimeter State College has been rejected by a majority of faculty and staff.

Rob Watts, interim president for GPC, sent out an email yesterday asking the faculty and staff, “Do you prefer GPC or GPSC as the college’s name?” Watts wrote that besides not having the funds to change signage, or the fact that the GPC name is well established, he wanted faculty/staff to “contemplate whether we want to retain the name GPC.”

Within four minutes of his message, Watts received “264 responses.” Only two people suggested to use state in the name.

“I will be contacting the staff at the Board to Regents to discuss the possibility of our retaining the GPC name,” Watts wrote. “Do not mind my clogging up of your inbox on a daily basis this week. I do want to share what I know with you, when I know it.”

John Heneghan said...

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