Monday, October 10, 2011

Priority engagements this week besides Dunwoody Candidate Forum and Planning Commission

Important priority engagement.

It appears that my son Riley's inter-league football team the Cardinals will be scrimmaging the traveling team Atlanta Colts tomorrow at 7, therefore depending on the weather, I will be missing the Planning Commission Meeting.  Then on Thursday my sons team takes on the Bears for a 7 pm game on Colt Field therefore I will also be missing the Dunwoody Candidate Forum at Dunwoody High School that I really hoped to attend.

Juggling full time job, husband, father of three boys and a Dunwoody City Councilman isn't always easy.  I enjoy each role but some days you just have to pick and choose.

The City of Dunwoody has a live streaming video feed and recording system that they have been testing off and on for a couple of months and someday soon I would hope that we could stream all important meetings.  On a related topic, I believe Thursday's Dunwoody Candidate Forum may also be video recorded and offered at a later time on line?


GaryRayBetz said...


Devotion to your children with forbearance to everything else is always admirable and justified, and will engender benedictions for generations to come who are inspired by and repeat your munificent fathering; however, swathed uxoriousness - trust me, never go there...

gary ray betz

Bob Lundsten said...

Man I am getting old. Sometimes I read a sentence and I have no idea what it means
Break out the dictionary or I get someon to translate.
I am assuming it is all good.
John the Kids and your wife ALWAYS come first. The rest of this is just an add-on

Rebecca said...

Good man.

Bob Fiscella said...

John - good man and great photo! I've said this before, your the best "water boy" at Murphey Candler!

Paula Caldarella said...

Kids ALWAYS come first - you have your priorities straight John, which is one of the reasons you are so admired in this community.

Wise Acre said...

GaryRayBEtz, HELL YES!

Word on the street has it you're the one that writes the Joyce, Wallace, and Pynchon blog. When is your your Southern noir novel coming out?

You don't have contact access on your site, how can i get hold of you?