Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Meeting on Dunwoody Park Bonds - Tonight at City Hall 7 p.m.


City Hall, 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27

The presentation shown above was one of the earlier versions that was created by the Citizens for Dunwoody group and I posted it on October 3rd. The presentation being given tonight may be tweaked in light of recent events.


Anonymous said...

Going to the meeting is a waste of time. Dunwoody Crier issue yesterday said that it is a lock for passage of the bonds.
Pay no attention to those inflammatory stories of DISPLACING 2000+ residents and 500+ school children from the PIB property. It is not DISPLACEMENT. We will be helping them to resettle from a place of unsanitary conditions, filth and who knows what else to a better place (still unknown). No... there will not be boxcars as some of you have suggested. Boxcars went out with that short guy with a mustache who was trying to create an Aryan nation or something like that. Maybe school buses and it will be at night or at times when most of you are on vacation.

So LET'S ROLL!! Get "those people" re-settled in that better place promptly to improve their living conditions. Get park construction started ASAP so that our children can get start enjoying the outdoors and the benefits bestowed on them by their affluent parents.

Dunwoody LEADS THE WAY!!!!

Sandra Jackson said...

After hearing about this story on wsb-tv news I am appalled at what I heard from the women being interviewed said! I can't believe that she can just think it is just that simple to "GET UP AND FIND ANOTHER APARTMENT". I can't believe a mother who is worried more about a PARK than other FAMILIES who want the same for their FAMILIES. How dare she! Why doesnt she just get up and move to another home! Go find a park and live there if your that adament about a park. I can't believe the attitude of some people. Just because you don't like a certain kind of people that doesn't give you the right to try and run them out so your family can have A PARK!.......A PARK! Are you for real! What kind of person does that, I can tell you what kind, an in-humane person, that's who. I wish they would try to run her out because I need a park. That is just absurd! I don't live in Dunwoody, but I am for the people! People who work just as hard to maintained their own families. Man I want to see this woman, if I should say that's what she is, face to face, and have her tell me to move so she can have a PARK!

dpgroupie said...

Dundevil - Oh, WELL, if the CRIER said it, it MUST be true. Good God man - I'm starting to feel embarrassed about living in Dunwoody. Think I'll go back to writing "Atlanta 30338". BY THE WAY - just WHERE did you get the idea those apartments are unsanitary? When "you people" spew such inaccurate information, it only sends people to the "NO ON THE BONDS" side.

Anonymous said...

dp groupie

The Dunwoody general public did not know that this deal was going down until it was announced on Monday night unexpectedly at the Council meeting.

Condition of apartment was told to me by a Dunwoody Council member after I strongly voiced my negative opinion on Tuesday. He said the apartment complex had numerous outstanding health code violations and owed lots of fines and this probably was the reason why it was sold to the City at such a good price.

I had never heard anything about this place before, pro or con. It is about 5 miles from me across town and I seldom even went by it. Never paid any attention when I did.

Maybe the violations is the party line cover story. As to the price, having lived a while in New York, I sold the Brooklyn Bridge 3 times (just kidding). Lacking access to any documentation and people, my Northern honed mind evaluation of the negotiating skills of the Dunwoody Council is...yes. there is such a thing as a turnip truck. Maybe I could be convinced otherwise.

I already have started to use Atlanta, GA 30338.

@ Sandra Jackson ...As to the Dunwoody lady interviewed on TV, sorry to say that we do have those kind here. I personally am offended. Not all of us are so self-centered, uncaring and selfish.

Anonymous said...

dp groupie

Just found the WSB video. A Dunwoody Councilman discusses the violations.

Fifth video under the big picture. Near the end.