Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Parks Bond Meeting and Candidate Forum at GPC, along with other Dunwoody tidbits.

Dunwoody HS Recycling Event a Success

Dunwoody Parks Bond Community Meeting & Candidate Forum II
Sunday afternoon at 1 pm stop by Georgia Perimeter College to listen to the presentation on the parks bond referendum followed at 3:00 pm to the opposed city candidates participate in the DHA Candidate Forum.

Dunwoody Makes Final T-SPLOST List 
I am not 100% sold on this T-Splost but am leaning favorably.  I just answered a League of Woman Voters - Election Guide question the subject outlining an more equitable solution for DeKalb & Fulton.  Unfortunately I wasn't the Governor last year pushing this through therefore we will need to vote on what is proposed.  Since improvements are needed and DeKalb improvements are on the list, even with the shortcomings, I am leaning positive.  A Dunwoody project as shown below, did make the final list.
$12 million for improvements on Mount Vernon Road from the Fulton County line to Dunwoody Club Drive. Improvements include center turn lanes, sidewalks and bike lanes, along with intersections improvements at Vermack road and Tilly Mill Road. Construction is expected between 2016 and 2019.
Dunwoody candidate forums abound in October
  1. Today (Sunday) 3 pm at GPC, Building C, room # NC1100
  2. Chamber of Commerce will host a candidate forum Oct. 19 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Atlanta Perimeter Hotel and Suites
  3. Sustainability candidate forum will be held from 6:45 to 9 p.m. on Oct. 25 at Peachtree Charter Middle School. Candidates will be available for conversation over coffee beginning at 6 p.m.
Home Occupation - Planning Commission
I missed this meeting related to home occupations which if the rules were changed would effect numerous people but Adrienne Duncan wrote on her blog that she was the only member of the community in the audience.   It sounds like the planning commission has a hi bred approach to making the changes and I am looking forward to seeing the final version.  I would love to see streaming and then archived video of Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and the City Council become a reality in the City of Dunwoody in this coming year.

Dunwoody Candidate Debate of Oct 13th
I also missed this important event, but my son played an awesome game of football in the rain at Murphey Candler winning 6 to 0.  Interesting side point, Coaches from both teams are Dads who live within the City of Dunwoody and since it was homecoming all the boys walked on to the field where their name and school were called.  I noticed that about 70% of the boys playing lived in Dunwoody which means that 70% of the stands that night also missed this event and probably many, many others because of the responsibilities of parenthood.  The link above has a recap, but I would love to see the video.  Who has it?

City of Brookhaven heating up a bit?

Bodker speaks to Brookhaven cityhood- The Crier
"The theory of cityhood is very simple," he said. "Are you getting your money's worth? Are you getting the proper return on investment? Your expectations are that they will protect your property values and protect you. That is the basic premise of the government and to protect you," 
DeKalb seeks moratorium on new cities
Comment on the web by Fran Millar: I suggest our Board of Commissioners and CEO spend their energy on getting our County efficient and fiscally responsible and then people would not be seeking more representative government at the local level. I wouldn't expect the moratorium legislation to get much support in the General Assembly.
Rader Introduces Resolution Postponing Brookhaven Cityhood
Brookhaven on Hold?
Decatur Mayor Reacts to DeKalb’s Annexation Moratorium
Searching for a community’s identity
Favorite quote seen on Facebook - Mike Jacobs: We'll agree to a moratorium on new cities when DeKalb agrees to a moratorium on poorly run county government.

City RFP for Skate Rink and Rental Services 

City RFP for Park & Bathroom Maintenance and Addendum

City RFP for Creative Services for CVB

Straight out of Dunwoody video gets some National attention.


TwoDogsTrucking said...

Has Dunwoody has been a good steward of money?
A proposal for an ice skating rink not made of ice.
A million plus dollar a year answering service that has to call DeKalb 911 for fire or medical emergencies; thats apprx $126 an hour to dispatch maybe 4 or 5 calls an hour. And now it's rumored that DeKalb Police and Dunwoody Police apparently can't talk to each other via the radio.
A looming 66 million dollar IOU vote; thats is likely aimed at removing "apartment people" from the city.
An IT department at $320,000 but there's still ED advertisments on the city's discussion board.
A comedy group mocking the CofD has generated more interest than a taxpayer fundeed CVB.
Mr. Jacobs should seize this opportunity to re-introduce his township legislation.
And one of my favorite quotes, "There's one rule you don't break in Dunwoody. We don't widen roads in Dunwoody so that people from other counties can get to Perimeter Center"- Fran Millar as quoted in May 2001, Dunwoody Crier.
Dunwoody is unnecessary government.

Bob Turner said...
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Bob Turner said...
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