Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dormtainment compares Dunwoody to Heaven in Fox5 interview?

" I thought it would be funny to make a hardcore [rap] song about how friendly Dunwoody is."

I believe almost everyone in town has seen the video "Straight Outta Dunwoody" and since the AJC wrote two articles on it, and Fox5 did a nice interview piece on the Dunwoody entertainment group; I figured I would share the interview with everyone, as well as post the original music video below for the five or six people who haven't yet seen it.  

Will we be seeing these gents at the Dunwoody Music Fest in a couple of weeks or maybe they will be the opening act for Ryan Seacrest who, if a few Dunwoody HS Seniors have their way, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the 2012 HS Graduation.

As a side note, according to Steve Barton, it appears that "Straight Outta Dunwoody" is not the first rap song featuring this fine town.  The Dunwoody rap by PT (aka Pretty Tony or Anthony Bush) was used several years back when Dunwoody High School was a State Basketball Powerhouse.

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GaryRayBetz said...

Very talented musicians with the right level of mordancy for the area.