Monday, February 11, 2013

Dunwoody City Council Meeting Video from Feb 11, 2013

Meeting recap, here is the Agenda - everything was a discussion with no actual votes.  Lots of spirited communication both among Council and from those attending.

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SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Interesting exchange there at the beginning.

A while back I posted about the Zoning Sounding board and the "advice" we got from Mr. Shortal that we should make decisions based upon what we ourselves would want to live next to. I said at the time that that is bad advice.

This video shows the reason why.

The loudmouths backtalking and yelling and getting asked to leave the meeting in a huff are doing exactly that - making decisions based only on what they themselves know and want. They're not willing to consider any information that they are not already comfortable with.

That doesn't mean that everything that comes out of council's faces is right or will be good for the city in the long run. People at public comment made sure their POV got a hearing too. But it was both sad and amusing at the same time that Denny got so heated at the behaviour in the audience when it was the natural outcome of his own POV.

On another note, the city could have done a better job of illustrating how crosswalk safety could be enhanced by a roundabout (thinking of Mr. Loudmouth). And per another public comment, does the concrete trail exceed the touted ADA requirements the city is obliged to obey? If so, they public comment speakers may have a point about the current trail plan's necessity.