Saturday, February 9, 2013

New $1.7 million Dunwoody Playground and Park for Georgetown up for discussion on Monday

New Playground on Chamblee Dunwoody just North of Chateau
and kiddy corner from the abandoned school.

Georgia Development Partners is the apparent low bidder at $1,698,678.

Playground & Square park designs
Tree Plans for Playground and Square park
12 foot path throughout design
Excess dirt will be brought to Brook Run back 30 acres to create more useable green space.

Full Construction Plans - Large File of 64 MB

The City of Dunwoody is embarking on Project Renaissance, a residential redevelopment project in the Georgetown area of Dunwoody. This redevelopment project is a public-private partnership between the City of Dunwoody and John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods. As part of that project, the City has developed plans and intends to select a qualified contractor for the two new public parks and multi-purpose trail to be constructed on the 16-acre portion of land between Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Dunwoody Park.
The two public parks will consist of new restrooms, park structures, play areas, seating areas and new lawn, landscaping and irrigation. Landscaping will consist of new turf areas, ground covers and grasses, various deciduous and evergreen shrubs, accent trees and shade trees. The selected contractor will be responsible for providing a one year warranty period from date of planting completion on all the landscape plant material installed. The multi-purpose trail, linking both parks, will be a 12’ wide concrete trail to match the trail that the City is installing in nearby Brook Run Park.

The parks and trail are to be constructed on land previously slated for a townhome development, and as such, there currently exists on site roads, curbs, modular block retaining walls, a variety of utilities and drainage lines and structures. The proposed park improvements includes earthwork, existing retaining wall removal/replacement, water and sewer connections, electrical service, as well as stormwater drainage as part of the civil scope

The Chamblee-Dunwoody Family Park improvements include terraced grading with low granite seat walls, and the playground area utilizes a porous poured-in-place play surface and perforated pipe under drain system to collect all rain runoff. A new parking area is proposed and will be provided with associated storm drainage. There is a proposed bathroom building with domestic water and sewer connections as well as an irrigation meter with irrigation system. The existing failing large modular block retaining wall is to be removed, re-graded and replaced with a planted slope.

The Central Square Park improvements include new angled parking around the perimeter, a large central pavilion, a new restroom and storage building, a linear plaza space with low granite seat walls and a decorative fountain, two bocce courts and associated concrete sidewalks and the 12’ wide concrete multi-purpose trail. The Central Square Park modifies the existing grades to create terrace levels, large open playfields and as a result, there are low granite seat walls with ramps to access the main central pavilion providing an amphitheater area to the southeast. It also has a proposed restroom and storage building and as a result has both water and sewer connections. The civil design proposes perforated pipe underdrains under the porous bocce courts and yard inlets throughout the grassed play areas. Existing drain inlet tops are both adjusted to grade and converted to grate inlets due to the relocation of the curb around the proposed park improvements. In addition there are two irrigation meters in this area, one for the irrigation system and one for the decorative fountain. The restroom and storage building, the large pavilion and other areas of the park will require electrical service for decorative and security lighting and electrical outlets.

The proposed concrete multi-purpose trail starts at Chamblee Dunwoody Road and runs for approximately 1,700 LF down to the corner of North Shallowford Road and Dunwoody Park. One exercise station along the trail will have outdoor equipment and the trail will also feature landscaping and irrigation to provide a linear park feel.

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