Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stuffed Animals needed for 16TH Annual B’nai B’rith “CARES FOR KIDS” Drive

Drop off at Georgetown Kroger

In February 2013, volunteers throughout the United States will participate in B’nai B’rith’s annual “Cares for Kids” Drive. In past years, this program has given away more than 15,000 stuffed animals to children in hospitals, schools and shelters here in Atlanta and many more across the country.

B’Nai Brith is the first and oldest Jewish service organization in the U.S. They provide assistance to people around the world and support a variety of community service programs, including projects in schools, disaster relief, senior citizen housing, and youth development and education. Help is given to people or institutions in need irrespective of ethnicity, race or religion... This “Care for Kids” program is one of its leading community service projects in the United States.

Jerry Kravitz, “Cares for Kids” Project Chairperson for B’nai B’rith’s Achim/Gate City Lodge in Atlanta, can be justifiably proud of the resounding success of this program. Speaking about “Cares for Kids,” Chairperson Kravitz commented: “Few things make a child smile as much as a cuddly stuffed animal. There are no words to describe how the children’s faces light up when we present them with their new furry friends.”

In January, February and half of March, 2013, boxes will be distributed to schools, houses of worship and other facilities throughout the area. Achim/Gate City Lodge members will be collecting new and gently used stuffed animals as well as obtaining monetary contributions to enable the purchase of additional animals.

Following the collection drive Achim/Gate City Lodge volunteers will personally distribute stuffed animals to children in schools, shelters and day care centers in the Atlanta area.

In speaking about the “Cares for Kids” Program, Rhonda Love, Director of the B’Nai B’rith Center for Community Action in Washington, D.C., explained: “It is a way of telling these kids that we are proud of them. Any kid who is having a hard time needs to be reminded that the world cares about them.”

Cindy has boxes in the Kroger, Chamblee Dunwoody/285 store (at check out), as well as in the office of Seiden Chiropractic Center at 1713 Mt. Vernon Rd. Ste #2.

On behalf of the less fortunate kids in the city, we thank you so very much for your generosity. We do this every year so don’t hesitate to contact Cindy if you have some to donate during the year.

Cindy Sedran & Jerry Kravitz (770-640-5091)

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