Monday, September 22, 2008

Looking for Dunwoody Community Information

Dear leaders of various Dunwoody organizations,

My name is John Heneghan and in case we haven’t met, I was just elected to the Dunwoody City Council in an at large position representing all the residents of Dunwoody.

In order to better represent the entire City of Dunwoody, I want to know when there is something special happening in your neighborhood, school, or civic association so that I can be informed, involved and therefore more qualified to represent your communities’ needs. In order to help me do this, please add the e-mail address to your general mailing list so that I can know when meetings are taking place and I can help publicize your events on my website and public calendar.

Previously as President of my subdivision homeowners association I maintained a website of neighborhood interest and a calendar of events open to the public; now I would like to attempt to do the same thing but on a city wide scale. I’m sure I couldn’t list everything that your organization does but I would hope to list the highlights.

Thanks for helping me, get to know you better.


John Heneghan
Dunwoody City Council

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