Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are you looking for the H1N1 Vaccine? Here is where to find it.

H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Provider Locator
  • We advise you to contact your family doctor's office or health care provider in advance to confirm the vaccine is available before making an appointment.
  • The health care providers listed have all agreed to provide H1N1 vaccines as it becomes available and to be included in this listing.
  • Health care providers receive their vaccine supply directly from the CDC's distributor, McKesson.
  • Small amounts of the H1N1 vaccine are being allocated by the CDC at this time. Additional supply is anticipated over the next weeks and months.
  • Some additional providers and doctor's offices who have agreed to provide vaccine have chosen not to be listed at this time.
  • Participating county health departments will also receive vaccine supply and are included in this search tool listing.

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